Personalized 5-Day Itinerary

Personalized 5-Day Itinerary


There is a ton of information on the internet all about Bali: what you should see, what you should do, where you should eat, where you should stay…the list is endless.

That’s the problem...

There is too much information and not enough personalization.


You deserve better than a cookie-cutter itinerary or list of recommendations from someone who knows nothing about you and who has maybe been to Bali only once or twice.


You deserve the chance to have a TRULY UNIQUE vacation – one tailored specifically to YOU by an expert on all things Bali: what you like, what you don’t like, what’s within your budget, what you want the most to get out of your trip…


That’s what I can guarantee to you:
The chance to have a Bali vacation that is everything you imagined it would be.


How this works:

1. After your purchase, you will be sent a link to provide information that will be used to create your personalized itinerary.

2. In 3-5 business days, you will be sent your itinerary via email.

3. After you've recieved your itinerary, you can accept the itinerary and/or request up to 3 revisions.